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Online Travel Agency Solutions ( OTAS)

  Travel Agencies are increasingly faced with the growing complexity of the international travel market. This gives Imagetrans the chance to add value and to help agencies saving costs and improving bottom line.

  Imagetrans is working on a complete set of OTA Solutions for travel companies of all sizes and modus of operation. These solutions will help agencies to overcome business,technical and operational challenges like online booking management,quotations,sales channels,contracting and reporting. Imagetrans acts as their consultant,defining and implementing the appropriate service configuration.

  Imagetrans leading-edge Technology enables Travel Agencies to deliver consistent and cost saving services on a high level of quality. They get access to both worlds – high-end technical support combined with proven on the ground handling service.

  Partnering with Imagetrans enables Travel Agencies to achieve low cost market access,business automatisation and standardized management information.

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